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Book Chapters

(1) Book Chapters


(i) (Chapter 1), ISBN: 978-953-307-152-7

R.Q. Zhang and Abir De Sarkar (2011). Theoretical Studies on Formation, Property Tuning and Adsorption of Graphene Segments, Physics and Applications of Graphene - Theory, Sergey Mikhailov (Ed.), InTech 

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(ii) (Chapter 3), Print ISBN 978-94-007-4947-4, Online ISBN 978-94-007-4948-1

R.-Q. Zhang and Abir De Sarkar (2012), Modeling Silicon Nanostructure Surface Functionalization for Biological Detections, in: J. Zeng, R.-Q. Zhang, H.R. Treutlein (Eds.) Quantum Simulations of Materials and Biological Systems, Springer Netherlands, 2012, pp. 33-51.


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